Clubs is now public-beta version. There may be bugs, or features under update. If you notice anything, please give us feedback on Discord .



Posts adds a social layer to your club.

Community space, blogging, knowledge sharing… Have fun with it in a variety of ways!

Currently we mainly offer the following features:.

  • Posts added by club administrators
  • Restrictions on viewing posts by membership
  • Posting comments by users
  • Emoji reactions by users

Posts is still under development, and we will continue to update it and already planned following roadmap:

  1. Permission control for posting by memberships.
  2. Multiple feeds in a single club
  3. Bounty/Quests
  4. Voting posts
  5. Custom emojis
  6. Machine translation of content … and more!

Plus, we would like to add that the functionality of Posts itself will be pluggable. This means that you are free to extend what Posts can do with other plugins!