Clubs is now public-beta version. There may be bugs, or features under update. If you notice anything, please give us feedback on Discord .

Clubs Payments


This plugin is currently published as a preview version. Please wait a few moments until it is available for your Club. If you have any questions about getting started, feel free to contact us on Discord .


Price Override in Japanese Yen

Clubs Payments allows you to set price overrides in legal tender to your existing membership. Clubs Payments currently supports Japanese Yen pricing, thereby bringing you stable revenue without having to worry about the volatility of the coin markets.

Backed by DGFT, the most trusted payment infrastructure

Clubs Payments uses the pioneer of online payment solutions in Japan, DGFT, to run highly secure payment processes, certified by PCI DSS, ISMS-AC, JIPDEC, and many others. Memberships are minted immediately and automatically upon completion of the off-chain payment, and users can begin using the on-chain membership immediately after the settlement is completed.

Best Integration with Clubs

Clubs Payments fully leverages the composability of Clubs to provide a better integrated UX.

YEN as a currency option Pay with a credit card button


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